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This project was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme (2014-2020).

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A place to meet within smart media, live sports and entertainment

Global Content Alliance (GCA) focus on live experience by creating a new offering of content formats, services and technologies that is the attract new needs of international audiences. We want to support SMEs by networking, collaboration & knowledge sharing on a European scale and beyond.

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you can meet us here

We will be attending and hosting events internationally and locally to collaboratively gain knowledge about internationalisation
and matchmaking.



get involved

We are looking for clusters, organisations and companies that wants to collaborate with us to empower the innovative offer of content formats,  technologies & services. Our aim is to support internationalisation processes!



internationalisation on your terms

To be able to make a strategy and internationalisation plan that is relevant, we'll kindly ask you that wants to take part of our investment in this area some questions to base our work upon.

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Let's embrace the opportunities!

Content rules, we all know that. But there is more to it.

The digital revolution has a great impact on production, distribution and reception modes of media content these days. And, the need of listen and adopt to new habits, where consumers watch what they want, when they want, where they want is a fact. Also, the expectations are high in terms of consumption of media and content.

The challenges are many and the transformations move fast. New business models are required and we need to cover new tech innovation and new market trends. To be honest - we can also say: let’s embrace new opportunities.

The Global Content Alliance (GCA) is a European Strategic Cluster Partnership which was formed in 2018 to promote internationalisation of its member companies in the field of “smart media” and especially around “live sport & entertainment” and “smart venues”. GCA focuses notably on renewing the “Live Experience” by creating a new offering of content formats, services and technologies that can address the new needs of audiences all over the world. 

We aim at building an innovative offer of content formats, technologies and services and aims at supporting SMEs in their internationalisation processes by intensifying networking, collaboration and knowledge-transfer on a European scale and beyond. 

To reach our objectives, GCA aims to collaborate with new partners, including both European and International, in its future activities regarding the support of SMEs in internationalization processes. In and beyond Europe. 

Within the GCA internationalisation strategy the team will explore the market outside of Europe in countries such as 
USA, Canada, China and South Korea. 

All in the spirit of: media & entertainment.

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Get in touch!

Please, reach out to GCA if your cluster, organisation or company wants to get in contact with us. We would love to have a chat on how we can collaborate!

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GCA supports SMEs by networking, collaborating & knowledge-transfer in the EU. We strengthen the capacity of EU SMEs to compete, innovate & to connect globally.

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Strategic documents in the project

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Global Analysis -
International opportunities & scenarios

Take part of the full document.

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Internationalisation Strategy - To define and carry out preparatory actions

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Implementation Plan - description of key elements for next step.

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